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 North Dakota pheasant rooster Bud Grant, former coach of the Minnesota Vikings, with a nice whitetail buck. Bud is an avid hunter. big North Dakota turkey photo of prime North Dakota hunting property. a fine day of hunting with Big Valley Adventures. 3 sharptail grouse; 3 pheasants; 1 turkey

Past Successes

As you can see from these photos, some of our hunters come back year after year.

Hunting with Big Valley Adventures

Some Of Our 2008 Successes
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These happy hunters came from Fargo and Sioux Falls to enjoy a great North Dakota pheasant hunt. As you can see, it was very successful.

You'd be smiling too if you and your buddy had just downed these nice bucks. They will look very nice hanging on their walls back in Wisconsin.

Nick will have a great story to tell his friends back in Wisconsin when he shows them this 5X5 North Dakota whitetail buck.

Brock came from Wisconsin for a second year in a row and harvested a very nice North Dakota whitetail buck.


Another successful bow hunter. John came from Minnesota to harvest this great whitetail buck.

Hobie, John, Tim, and Ed from Wisconsin, South Carolina, and Colorado. They had  a very successful pheasant hunt in ND.

Rock (from Michigan) came to North Dakota and harvested a nice whitetail buck.

Hunting with Big Valley Adventures paid off for Troy, Rock, and Al from Michigan.

Cam returned from Michigan to harvest another nice ND whitetail buck. Cam was here in 2007 and took home a very nice trophy that year too.


Some 2007  Hunting Successes


Pheasant hunters from Minnesota with a limit of North Dakota roosters.


Cam came from Michigan to harvest this nice North Dakota whitetail buck.

Ken from New York shows off his North Dakota whitetail buck.

Dave harvested this nice mule deer buck.


Here is a photo of other mule deer that live in the Big Valley.


Dave captured this whitetail buck with his camera.


Even turkeys inhabit the area.

Brock came from Wisconsin to harvest this 4X4 whitetail buck.


Some 2005  Hunting Successes


Cory from Wisconsin with a nice North Dakota whitetail buck


4 Wisconsin bow hunters enjoy success in North Dakota
Archery hunting in North Dakota paid off for these 4 hunters from Wisconsin; 3 nice bucks harvested; one skull found in the field.

Brock was happy with his North Dakota archery hunt, harvesting a nice whitetail buck.

Brock shows off his North Dakota whitetail buck.

A very nice North Dakota 4x4 whitetail buck.
Leigh had a memorable whitetail hunt in North Dakota.

Big Valley Adventures provided Nick with an opportunity to harvest this nice 5x5 whitetail buck.
Nick with a nice 5x5 North Dakota whitetail buck.

James from Wisconsin with a nice 5x5 whitetail.


Some 2004 Bow Hunting Successes


nice 4x4 whitetail buck taken during North Dakota archery season
Brock from Wisconsin

nice wide 4x4 whitetail buck taken while bowhunting with Big Valley Adventures
Jesse from Wisconsin

a happy bow hunter with a whitetail buck

James from Wisconsin

bowhunting in North Dakota with Big Valley Adventures resulted in this fine white-tail buck
Ken from New York

4X5 big-bodied whitetail buck - harvested in North Dakota's archery season
Cory from Wisconsin


Some 2003 Success

Bow Hunting


Pat arrowed this fine whitetail buck in southwestern ND

Pat from Minnesota

Ken came from NY for a North Dakota archery hunt and harvested this very fine whitetail buck

Ken from New York

Greg harvested this nice 4x4 whitetail bowhunting in ND

Greg from New York


Some 2002 Success

Bow Hunting


4x4 buck taken at Big Valley Adventures during archery season

Pat from Minnesota

big-bodied 4x4 whitetail buck

Jesse from Wisconsin

Some Previous Years Success

Bud Grant with a nice 4x4 whitetailed buck

Bud Grant with a fine North Dakota buck

a big body and a big rack on this buck

a big-bodied buck

coyote hunting successes

coyote hunting

pheasant hunting; sharptailed grouse hunting in North Dakota

pheasant hunters with a limit of roosters and a couple of sharptail grouse

big North Dakota coyote

grouse; pheasants; turkey - a fine day of hunting in North Dakota

a successful day of hunting - 6 grouse; 4 pheasants; 1 turkey
Comments From Our Clients

"Great hunting trip.  Wonderful people.  Dave really knows his land and the best places to hunt.  Looking forward to my next hunting trip with Dave." 
Wayne from Michigan

"I sure enjoyed my stay there. The hospitality and the cooking was exceptional (even the bacon), not to mention great hunting also.
I hope we can return." 
Regards, Dale 

"A rugged and beautiful land rich with wildlife.  A true hunterís paradise and two of the nicest people you will ever meet." 
Rick from Michigan

"This is a beautiful place.  Thank you ever so much." 
Dean from Michigan

"Great Time" 
Gary from Montana

"I took my lab along the shore of the river, and he flushed over a dozen pheasants in just a few minutes.  I am certain that there must be about a million birds in that food plot by the house.  I thought it was neat to see the pheasants out where we hunted the first day.  I am used to finding them in or near corn or soy beans.  There was none of either in 
sight, and it was like seeing truly wild pheasants. "
John from Illinois

"Enjoyed the ranch, the house, and the hospitality.  Got a great deer and saw several more."
Dale from Texas

"Had a great hunt.  Saw some huge bucks.  Too bad  I canít shoot straight."
Jess from N.M.

"I was thinking about the fun sharptail hunt we had last month and wondering about the turkey hunting.  Is there a spring season I could take advantage of?  I've never done that before, but it sounds like fun.  Mostly, it would just give me an excuse to go back. I had such a great time there and enjoyed the scenery so that I think I will say thank you again." 
John from Chicago

"Here is a photo of the best hunting trip I was ever on."


(pheasant photo with dog above)

"Thanks for showing me the countryside.  I hope to return, shooting more accurately."
Jim from Minnesota

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North Dakota hunting with Big Valley Adventures

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